Friday, July 29, 2016

Another website mention!

Due to another DNC tweet of mine, I got mentioned in the Star-Telegram today:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The DNC on Twitter: Day 3

Here are my tweets from day 3 of the Democratic National Convention, ordered from the most to the least popular (all my posts can be read here -

1) DNC: "What the world needs now is love, sweet love."

RNC: "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!"
172 Likes, 100 Retweets

2) Bloomberg: "Let's elect a sane person as president!"

Trump: "Sane rhymes with brain and I have the bigliest brain like ever!"
173 Likes, 73 Retweets

3) Kaine: "I'm gonna speak Spanish now."

Trump: "I can speak Spanish. My hands are very very biggo."
165 Likes, 77 Retweets

4) RNC: "Where are your flags?"
DNC: "Where are your ideas to help troops when they return home?"
137 Likes, 84 Retweets

5) RNC: "They don't talk about terror!"
DNC: "They don't talk about guns!"

Since 9/11
3,000+ terror deaths
400,000+ gun deaths
120 Likes, 84 Retweets

6) DNC: "America is great! Let's make America greater!"

RNC: "You know who's really really great? Russia and Chiiina!"
106 Likes, 55 Retweets

7) Obama: "Yes we can!"

Trump: "Yes I con!"
116 Likes, 44 Retweets

8) THIS JUST IN: "GOPers vow to take shots every time bands complain about the DNC playing their songs. They're all still sober."
107 Likes, 51 Retweets

9) Obama: "Don't boo; vote!"

Trump: "My wife has amazing boobs, like seriously tremendous. Unbelievable. Wait, what'd he say?"
106 Likes, 33 Retweets

10) Obama: Gives an unbelievable speech

Trump: "I'm just gonna say unbelievable lots of times in my speech."
94 Likes, 42 Retweets

11) Kaine: "We must love our neighbors as ourselves."

Reps: "What's he talking about? Is that from a hippy movie or something?"
98 Likes, 33 Retweets

12) Kaine: "Hillary Clinton is listo, which means ready."

Trump: "Where did I put my grocery listo? I need me some baby gloves."
90 Likes, 36 Retweets

13) DNC: "Give a voice to the voiceless!"
RNC: "Give a voice to orange millionaires, talking turtles, & Charles in Charge."
72 Likes, 46 Retweets

14) DNC: "Love Trumps Hate!"

RNC: "Trump Hates Love! ...or is it Trump Loves Hate? Whatever!"
80 Likes, 32 Retweets

15) RNC: "Dems don't talk about terrorism."
DNC: "Let's stop terrorists from getting guns!"
RNC: "No. We mean, uh, what?"
70 Likes, 33 Retweets

16) DNC: "Build a family!"

RNC: "Build a wall to block out families, because, you know, freedom."
57 Likes, 42 Retweets

17) DNC: "It's healing time; it's hope time; it's Hillary time!"

RNC: "It's yelling time; it's fallacy time; it's Drumpf time!"
60 Likes, 26 Retweets

18) Biden: "Malarkey!"

Trump: "Malarkey? Oh yeah, I think I got tested for that once at the doctor's. I'm still not over it yet."
60 Likes, 25 Retweets

19) Trump: "I'm the debt king. I know everything there is to know about debt. If I had a BFF, it'd be debt, no question."
57 Likes, 24 Retweets

20) Dems: "Love Trumps Hate!"
Reps: "Love does nothing! ...which is why we worship the all-loving Jesus!"
62 Likes, 17 Retweets

21) Trump: "In addition to getting Russia to cyber-attack us, I'm now gonna ask Chiiina to find Obama's birth certificate!"
57 Likes, 19 Retweets

22) DNC: "Let's try to protect all lives from gun violence, including cops!"

RNC: "Guns don't kill, but blue lives matter!"
51 Likes, 24 Retweets

23) DNC: "We believe in the American Dream for all!"

RNC: "We believe in the American Dream for 5 or 6 of you!"
57 Likes, 15 Retweets

24) DNC: "Let's talk about climate change."
Trump: "Climate change is a hoax! You know what really changes? My opinions! Period!"
46 Likes, 25 Retweets

25) DNC: Sigourney Weaver speaks
Rick Scott: "I'll be damned. I think she and I met that one time"
50 Likes, 20 Retweets

26) Obama:"I've never been so optimistic!"

Trump: "You wanna hear optimism? I've set my Armageddon countdown clock to 7 months."
50 Likes, 18 Retweets

27) Obama: "The audacity of hope!"

Trump: "I like the audacity of nope better, loser!"
49 Likes, 15 Retweets

28) Obama:"We can move this country forward together!"

Trump: "Sure, dictator Obama. By the way, I'm going to control the world!"
49 Likes, 9 Retweets

29) Obama: Mic drop

Trump: "How do you work this mic? Is it one of those fancy solar or wind-powered mics?"
44 Likes, 13 Retweets

30) Trump: "The Dem convention is more like the dumb convention. How do you pronounce Tanzania again? The zania is silent, right?"
41 Likes, 15 Retweets

31) Trump: "Did Obummer give a speech tonight? I was too busy watching 'Airheads.' It's like my life story."
42 Likes, 3 Retweets

32) DNC: President Obama speaks
Melania: "Donnie, can I make this my next speech? Michelle won't mind, right?"
37 Likes, 7 Retweets

33) de Blasio: "I'm going to hold up one finger right now..."
Trump: "Oh yeah? Both my hands combined are almost as big as that!"
26 Likes, 3 Retweets

34) DNC: "In football, you can only win as a team!"

RNC: "In football, you can only win when it's 1-on-11!"
18 Likes, 3 Retweets

35) Trump: "Who is this Lujan dude? He probably loves Dijon mustard just like Obama. Dijon for Lujan, that elitist bastard!"
13 Likes, 2 Retweets

Day 3 Totals: 2,432 Likes, 1,148 Retweets (Averages of 69.5 Likes, 32.8 Retweets)

Overall Totals: 6,708 Likes, 3,272 Retweets (Averages of 78.9 Likes, 38.5 Retweets)

Mentioned on another website!

Due to my DNC (Democratic National Convention) tweets from last night, I got mentioned in the Charlotte Observer this morning:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My next appearances on "The Tracy Fort Show"

Due to some unexpected events, Tracy Fort and I have decided to alter the showtimes this week to tomorrow and Friday from 3-4:30 pm EST. To check out the show and get continual updates on it, go to this link:

The DNC on Twitter: Day 2

As I said I'd do, I live-tweeted day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. Here are my posts, ordered from the most to the least popular (all my tweets can be viewed here -

1) DNC: "We want to provide hope, inspiration, make you feel love."

RNC: "We want to provide massive panic attacks 24/7."
226 Likes, 122 Retweets

2) Clinton: "I'm gonna give you a detailed story about how Hillary/I met & how much she's accomplished."
Trump: "My wife's hot."
219 Likes, 112 Retweets

3) DNC: "We made history nominating the 1st woman!"

RNC: "We made history nom. the 1st Oompa Loompa!"
199 Likes, 106 Retweets

4) Trump: "Siri, what are these things Bill Clinton is talking about? Please give me the 3rd-grade version of it. Thanks."
174 Likes, 75 Retweets

DNC nomination song: "Happy"

5) RNC nomination song: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
150 Likes, 77 Retweets

6) RNC: "Guns are more important than people, our friends!"

Yeah, tell these mothers that...
89 Likes, 67 Retweets

7) DNC: "All women's lives matter!"
RNC: "Yeah, except when it comes to: Equal pay, paid family leave, reproductive rights, etc."
95 Likes, 56 Retweets

8) DNC: "We've officially broken the glass ceiling!"

Trump: "I have many many yuge bigly beautiful glass ceilings."
92 Likes, 28 Retweets

9) Trump: "Melania, are you listening to this? Bill is a gooder speaker than me. Here, take some notes. I might use this later."
84 Likes, 34 Retweets

10) Dems: "Let's get people to vote!"
Reps: "Let's make it easier for the blind to own guns than blacks to vote! Is this mic on?"
70 Likes, 43 Retweets

11) Michelle Obama: "The White House was built by slaves!"
Texas history books: "By who? Is that the person's first or last name?"
65 Likes, 24 Retweets

12) DNC: "Which Oscar winners should we invite?"

RNC: "Can we get any actors that don't rhyme with Dot Mayo or Suck Porous?"
63 Likes, 21 Retweets

13) RNC: "How dare the DNC not try to scare the crap out of people!"
DNC: "Yeah, this is why we support legalizing weed..."
58 Likes 24 Retweets

14) Erika Alexander: "Hillary defies gravity!"
Trump: "That whole gravity thing is such a hoax, believe me, people!"
61 Likes, 19 Retweets

15) Harkin: "I'll show you the sign for this campaign - America, all together!"
Trump: "Here's my sign..."
40 Likes, 30 Retweets

15) RNC: Symbolic love negates our inaction to prove it

DNC: Patriotism is illustrated through action, not symbols
50 Likes, 20 Retweets

17) DNC: "We're with her!"

RNC: "We're with it, eh, sort of, kind of, but not really..."
#DemsInPhilly #CheetoJesus
50 Likes, 14 Retweets

18) Trump: "Let's make America great again!"
America Ferrera speaks at the DNC
Trump: "Send America back to Mexico!"
48 Likes, 14 Retweets

19) According to Bill & Ted
DNC: "Be excellent to each other & party on, dudes!"
RNC: "Uh, what's that dude's name? So-crates?"
43 Likes, 14 Retweets

20) DNC: "We have a dream!"

RNC: "We want to crush your dreams, so you should always look like this..."
37 Likes, 17 Retweets

21) DNC: "Let's do all we can to decrease war & violence."

RNC: "What's the name of that Metallica album? 'Kill 'Em All!'"
33 Likes, 16 Retweets

22) DNC roll call: "American Samoa..."
Trump: "I had a guy named Sam mow my lawn once. I wonder if he's who they're talking about"
28 Likes, 9 Retweets

23) Christopher Columbus: "What's with all these states they're talking about at this thing? This is India for crying out loud!"
30 Likes, 2 Retweets

24) DNC: "This is a movement about love!"
Trump: "You can tell them to go bleep themselves!"
13 Likes, 5 Retweets

25) DNC: PP mentioned
Fiorina: "Oh yeah, like OJ looked for the killer, I need to look for the PP videos!"
9 Likes, 4 Retweets

Day 2 Totals: 2,025 Likes, 953 Retweets Retweets (Averages of 81.0 Likes, 38.1 Retweets)

Overall Totals: 4,276 Likes, 2,124 Retweets (Averages of 85.5 Likes, 42.5 Retweets)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The DNC on Twitter: Day 1

As I did for the RNC, I promised to live-tweet throughout the Democratic National Convention. Here are my tweets from day 1 of the convention, ordered from the most popular to the least popular (all my tweets can be viewed here -

1) 3 hours into the DNC & "climate change" has already been mentioned more times than in the entirety of the four days at the RNC
383 Likes, 246 Retweets

2) DNC: "We should have equal rights! We should respect one another! We should have hope!"

RNC: "We're all gonna die!"
310 Likes, 225 Retweets

3) Stuart Smalley: "Trump isn't good enough; he's not smart enough; and doggone it, people don't like him."
144 Likes, 91 Retweets

4) As Democrats, we may have our disagreements, but we're still a family and need to come together to help improve this country.
142 Likes, 81 Retweets

5) BREAKING NEWS: "Elizabeth Warren busts out the Science Matters movement and the GOP freaks the hell out"
155 Likes, 64 Retweets

6) RNC: "What are our options? Besides Kid Rock & Nugent?"

DNC: "Too many to choose from. Let's just draw names out of a hat."
120 Likes, 57 Retweets

7) Those "No TPP" shouters should first focus their energy on "No TP" (Trump/Pence).
105 Likes, 68 Retweets

8) DNC: "We're in this together!"

RNC: "After birth, you're on your own, moochers!"
97 Likes, 43 Retweets

9) Michelle Obama: starts speaking

Melania Trump: "Don, could you tape this for me? Oh, & where did you put my pen & notebook?"
98 Likes, 41 Retweets

10) Sanders: "Okay, okay, stop cheering for a second. I want you to feel the Bern, but I want you to hear the Bern too. Capiche?"
96 Likes, 24 Retweets

11) RNC: "Let's make America great again by putting party first!"

DNC: "Let's make America even greater by putting country first!"
71 Likes, 40 Retweets

12) THIS JUST IN: "Melania Trump claims she wrote the First Lady's speech for tonight, entitled, 'Being Married to Barack.'"
64 Likes, 20 Retweets

13) RNC opening songs: Let's grab some tissues, bust out the Mace, prepare for the apocalypse

DNC songs: Let's get up and dance!
59 Likes, 24 Retweets

14) Sanders: "If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you can stay at my place for a weekend."
60 Likes, 18 Retweets

15) Trump's products made all over the world (outside the U.S.)
Trump's mind resides in never-neverland
48 Likes, 21 Retweets

16) Senator Shaheen: "We need a president who listens, learns, has empathy..."
Trump: "What?"
46 Likes, 20 Retweets

17) Cory Booker: "We stand up to bullies!"
Trump: "You wanna go? I'll smack you so hard with these yuge hands, believe me!"
46 Likes, 19 Retweets

18) Senator Merkley: "We embrace diversity!"
Trump: "Diversity? Say what? Could you use that in a sentence, spelling bee person?"
40 Likes, 18 Retweets

19) DNC: "We embrace science!"

RNC: "Boys have a penis; girls have a vagina = science."- …
#DemsInPhilly #KindergartenCop
36 Likes, 17 Retweets

20) Boyz II Men has reportedly offered to make their tune "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" the GOP's theme song
38 Likes, 10 Retweets

21) Trumpeteers:"Debunked conspiracies & a pending apocalypse is telling it like it is. Science & hope for the future is hogwash."
27 Likes, 7 Retweets

22) Trump: "Gotta love those songs from Two Corinthians!"
18 Likes, 8 Retweets

23) I never knew James Earl Jones' voice had changed so much.
#DemsInPhilly #LeeSaunders
21 Likes, 3 Retweets

24) Trump: "Look at this guy. It's like I've always said, you can't spell 'Trumka' without 'Trump,' because, you know, letters."
17 Likes, 5 Retweets

25) New addition to the sobriety test: Saying "Weingarten's kindergarten" five times fast
10 Likes, 1 Retweet

Day 1 Totals: 2,251 Likes, 1,171 Retweets (Averages of 90.0 Likes, 46.8 Retweets)

Overall Totals: 2,251 Likes, 1,171 Retweets (Averages of 90.0 Likes, 46.8 Retweets)

Info on my Facebook business, Twitter, and Tumblr pages

Here's the URL to my Facebook business page. I update it fairly regularly, but still haven't put forth a great deal of effort yet in researching matters and attempting to make the most out of it. In any case, it can be perused here:

Up next is my Twitter page. I'm still not 100% certain what I'm doing on there yet, but feel I'm gradually getting the hang of it and am up to 42,651 followers. I update it daily with many of my own tweets, but also by retweeting some others'. It can be found here:

Lastly, here's my Tumblr page, which I've neglected quite a bit recently, but if you're at all curious, you can find it at the following link:

Weekly update of my book information

For new readers (and regular ones, I suppose), here's some information pertaining to my books.

All twelve of my books can be purchased in paperback form at the following site (and others):

The ten books I've written and released in the past 4 years (yes, I've been on a roll) can be purchased for much cheaper in Kindle form at the following link:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The week ahead on "The Tracy Fort Show" and Twitter

Like we did last week for the Republican National Convention, Tracy Fort and I will be co-hosting three shows this week on The Tracy Fort Show in honor of the Democratic National Convention: From 3 to 4 pm EST on Wednesday (27th), Thursday (28th), and Friday (29th). For more information and continual updates on the show, go to the following link:

I'll also be live-tweeting throughout the DNC like I did with the RNC, so if you want to join the party, you can check out my Twitter page at this link -

A conversation with Melania Trump

Anderson Cooper: "So, how have you been liking this weather we've been having in the area? Too hot for me, I tell you!"

Melania Trump: "I'm only happy when it rains. I'm only happy when it's complicated. And though I know you can't appreciate it. I'm only happy when it rains."

Cooper: "Okay then. Let's move on to something else. With your husband as the Republican presidential nominee, going head-to-head with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, if Secretary Clinton were here right at this very moment, what would you have to say to her?"

Trump: "I don't like a thing about your mother. And I, I hate your daddy's guts too. I don't like a thing about your sister, no, no. 'Cause I, I, I, think sex is overrated too."

Cooper: "Secretary Clinton's parents have passed and she doesn't have a sister. I won't even comment on that other bit. Perhaps I should go a different route and give you more control of this discussion. So, Melania, what's on your mind?"

Trump: "Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?"

Cooper: "Sadly, I do."

Trump: "I am one of those melodramatic fools - neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it."

Cooper: "Oh, so you weren't done. Okay, that strategy didn't work. Let's talk about something else. What kind of music are you into?"

Trump: "Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble. I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble. I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble. I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass... bass... bass... bass."

Cooper: "I have to say, this has been a very interesting interview thus far. Speaking of interesting, your husband - Donald J. Trump. The two of you have been married for about 11 years now. If I were him, what would you have to say?"

Trump: "It's been so lonely without u here, like a bird without a song. Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling. Tell me baby where did I go wrong?"

Cooper: "Okay, I regret asking that question. Let's move on to something..."

Trump: "I could put my arms around every boy I see, but they'd only remind me of you. I went to the doctor and guess what he told me? Guess what he told me? He said, 'Girl, you better try to have fun no matter what you do.' But he's a fool. 'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares 2 u."

Cooper: "This conversation has gone from interesting to extremely uncomfortable. Why don't you tell us something about yourself the public probably doesn't already know? Something interesting, something that makes Melania Trump Melania Trump..."

Trump: "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am."

Cooper: "Fascinating. I, like millions of other Americans, learned something new about you today. Now, if your husband becomes president, what are your goals going forward while he's in office?"

Trump: "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evidence, that all men are created equal.' I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; 'and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.'"

Cooper: "Inspiring words indeed... Speaking of inspiration, do you have any words of advice to the young girls out there who want to one day be as successful as you?"

Trump: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Cooper: "That wasn't exactly inspirational. Is there anything else you'd like to say to today's youth?"

Trump: "We are the champions, my friends. And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end. We are the champions; we are the champions. No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions of the world."

Cooper: "That's better, I guess. Well, I'm afraid we're going to have to wrap up this discussion. Thank you for your time with us on CNN today, Melania, and best of luck with all of your future endeavors."

Trump: "I know that I can't take no more. It ain't no lie. I want to see you out that door. Baby, bye, bye, bye."

Saturday, July 23, 2016


I had lots of fun with the trending hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes on Twitter over the past few days. Here are my posts, ordered from the most popular to the least popular (all my tweets can be seen here -

1) "I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign."
330 Likes, 95 Retweets

2) "Oompa loompa doompety dee, if you are wise you'll listen to me."
201 Likes, 67 Retweets

3) "If you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, please call your doctor."
155 Likes, 63 Retweets

4) "I know words. I have the best words."
129 Likes, 67 Retweets

5) "If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that'll hurt you and you'd stay"
125 Likes, 41 Retweets

6) "Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get."
110 Likes, 50 Retweets

7) "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?"
104 Likes, 44 Retweets

8) "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?"
100 Likes, 32 Retweets

9) "I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller, wish I had a rabbit in a hat w/a bat & a six four Impala"
92 Likes, 28 Retweets

10) "You put your right foot in
You take your right foot out
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about"
73 Likes, 32 Retweets

11) "All this can be yours if the price is right!"
77 Likes, 26 Retweets

12) "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!"
69 Likes, 22 Retweets

13) "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
58 Likes, 27 Retweets

14) "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."
58 Likes, 26 Retweets

15) "I see dead people..."
52 Likes, 20 Retweets

16) "Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you."
54 Likes, 16 Retweets

17) "Yo Adrian! I did it!"
54 Likes, 15 Retweets

18) "If you build it, he will come."
46 Likes, 18 Retweets

19) "Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go. Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me."
48 Likes, 13 Retweets

19) "Trust me; I'm a doctor."
49 Likes, 12 Retweets

21) "You're fired!"
47 Likes, 13 Retweets

22) "Honesty is the best policy."
37 Likes, 19 Retweets

23) "I like big butts and I cannot lie."
34 Likes, 17 Retweets

23) "I fought the law and the law won."
42 Likes, 9 Retweets

25) "I am not a crook."
35 Likes, 13 Retweets

26) "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"
33 Likes, 11 Retweets

27) "Black Lives Matter!"
30 Likes, 12 Retweets

28) "I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, El Duderino."
31 Likes, 10 Retweets

28) "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am."
35 Likes, 6 Retweets

30) "Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200."
32 Likes, 7 Retweets

31) "Clap On! Clap Off! The Clapper!"
31 Likes, 7 Retweets

31) "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
33 Likes, 5 Retweets

33) "Feel the Bern!"
27 Likes, 10 Retweets

34) "That's what she said."
23 Likes, 13 Retweets

35) "I can be anything. Take a look. It's in a book. A Reading Rainbow."
27 Likes, 8 Retweets

36) "I have a dream..."
24 Likes, 10 Retweets

36) "Love and marriage, love and marriage, it's the institute you can't disparage."
27 Likes, 7 Retweets

38) "Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?"
23 Likes, 9 Retweets

38) "Nationwide is on your side."
27 Likes, 5 Retweets

38) "Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!"
29 Likes, 3 Retweets

41) "May the Schwartz be with you!"
23 Likes, 7 Retweets

41) "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
24 Likes, 6 Retweets

41) "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus."
25 Likes, 5 Retweets

41) "Bazinga!"
26 Likes, 4 Retweets

45) "Bros before hos"
21 Likes, 7 Retweets

45) "Hasta la vista, baby!"
22 Likes, 6 Retweets

45) "Can you hear me now? Good!"
23 Likes, 5 Retweets

48) "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes #TwoCorinthians
20 Likes, 7 Retweets

48) "I collect spores, molds, and fungus."
22 Likes, 5 Retweets

50) "This sh*t just got real!"
22 Likes, 3 Retweets

51) "Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes."
20 Likes, 4 Retweets

51) "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
22 Likes, 2 Retweets

53) "A, B, C, it's easy as 1, 2, 3."
19 Likes, 4 Retweets

53) "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing."
19 Likes, 4 Retweets

55) "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
18 Likes, 3 Retweets

55) "Yippee ki-yay, motherf*cker!"
19 Likes, 2 Retweets

57) "Six is greater than one."
17 Likes, 3 Retweets

58) "The pen is mightier than the sword."
16 Likes, 3 Retweets

58) "Corporations are people, my friend."
14 Likes, 5 Retweets

58) "Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!"
18 Likes, 1 Retweet

61) "To be or not to be - that is the question."
12 Likes, 6 Retweets

61) "Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy."
15 Likes, 3 Retweets

63) "Let's get ready to rumbllllllllle!"
11 Likes, 4 Retweets

63) "Patience is a virtue."
15 Likes, 0 Retweets

65) "When in Rome..."
13 Likes, 1 Retweet

65) "Good things come to those who wait."
13 Likes, 1 Retweet

67) "Make America great again!"
13 Likes, 0 Retweets

68) "Just do it."
9 Likes, 3 Retweets

68) "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."
9 Likes, 3 Retweets

68) "What difference at this point does it make?"
10 Likes, 2 Retweets

71) "Third time's a charm."
7 Likes, 4 Retweets

71) "Trick or treat?"
11 Likes, 0 Retweets

73) "Get in the hole!"
6 Likes, 0 Retweets

74) "If you've got a business, you didn't build that."
4 Likes, 1 Retweet

Totals: 3,165 Likes, 1,022 Retweets (Averages of 42.8 Likes, 13.8 Retweets)


I had some fun with the trending hashtag #TrumpSpeechInFourWords on Twitter yesterday. Here are my posts, ordered from the most to least popular (all my tweets can be seen here -

1) We've all been punked
69 Likes, 18 Retweets

2) "Everyone is gonna die!"
54 Likes, 13 Retweets

3) Is it over yet?
46 Likes, 10 Retweets

4) Idiocracy comes to life
42 Likes, 13 Retweets

5) Lie every other sentence
34 Likes, 13 Retweets

6) Have we gone crazy?
29 Likes, 8 Retweets

7) Make America Suck Again
29 Likes, 7 Retweets

8) Overtime for fact checkers
13 Likes, 8 Retweets

8) Most annoying sound ever
18 Likes, 3 Retweets

10) Monotone yelling sounds like...
12 Likes, 1 Retweet

Totals: 346 Likes, 94 Retweets (Averages of 34.6 Likes, 9.4 Retweets)

"The Tracy Fort Show" (7/22/16)

For those of you who missed yesterday's show, you can hear it here:

Friday, July 22, 2016

The RNC on Twitter: Day 4

I don't know how I did it, but stuck true to my word in live-tweeting throughout all four days of the Republican National Convention. Here are my posts from day 4, ordered from the most to the least popular (all my tweets can be read here -

1) Ivanka: "My dad is colorblind & gender neutral even though he wants to punish women for abortions & thinks Mexicans are rapists."
214 Likes, 164 Retweets

2) Ivanka: "My father taught us there's nothing you can't accomplish, so long as you have a really really rich father."
221 Likes, 135 Retweets

3) I keep waiting for Donald Trump to say, "...and live from New York, it's Saturday night!"
126 Likes, 59 Retweets

4) Ivanka: "I remember a time my dad & I were at Trump Tower. It was Cinco de Mayo & he was having a taco bowl, wearing a sombrero."
117 Likes, 59 Retweets

5) RNC crowd: "All Lives Matter!"

Psst, that includes Black Lives...
91 Likes, 56 Retweets

6) Thiel: "I'm a proud gay Republican & support Donald Trump to reverse my marriage equality rights as a gay American!"
73 Likes, 46 Retweets

7) Blackburn: "Trump always sees things through from beginning to completion. That's why he's on marriage #3."
77 Likes, 38 Retweets

8) Trump: "We will repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare w/nothing, b/c no insurance is less disastrous than insurance! Period!"
69 Likes, 43 Retweets

9) Trump: "Did my family plagiarize great or what? Come on, give it up! To my wife, Michelle, I mean, Melania!"
78 Likes, 31 Retweets

10) Ivanka: "My dad will be your most loyal champion, believe me. His first two wives would agree."
69 Likes, 39 Retweets

11) Ivanka Trump: "I wrote this speech all by myself. I call it, 'In Malia Obama's Words.'"
70 Likes, 25 Retweets

12) Trump: "It's like that Socrates dude said, 'Yelling louder makes you righter!'"
57 Likes, 35 Retweets

13) GOP: "We're the party of Lincoln!"
Right, and this is a smart car...
61 Likes, 27 Retweets

14) Blackburn: "Trump can bring us together, well, after he builds a wall, bans people, helps overturn Roe v. Wade/marriage equality."
52 Likes, 31 Retweets

15) Trump: "I'm now going to give you some numbers a white supremacist friend of mine gave me and I retweeted..."
49 Likes, 33 Retweets

15) Trump: "Let me tell you something. The recession, which started before Obama, is because of Obama. These are just the facts."
58 Likes, 24 Retweets

15) GOP: "We're all Americans, no matter our color!" Yes, so stop treating some groups of people like less than that.
59 Likes, 23 Retweets

18) Ivanka: "My dad has always respected women. When he said all that matters is 'a young, beautiful piece of ass,' that was respect."
41 Likes, 40 Retweets

19) Trump: "The difference with our plan is we have no plan other than to say we're gonna make America great again!"
55 Likes, 24 Retweets

20) Priebus: "Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, meaning life before birth, liberty for straight white men & pursuit of greed!"
50 Likes, 27 Retweets

21) GOP: "We're trying to suppress blacks' vote, kick out Hispanics, bar Muslims, but enough with identity politics!"
49 Likes, 27 Retweets

22) Priebus: "We believe in choice, so long as you have a penis & look like a snowman, who carries an AK-47!"
46 Likes, 28 Retweets

22) RNC crowd: "All Lives Matter! All Lives Matter!" Well, duh, but you're missing the point. All Sanity Matters too, but...
51 Likes, 23 Retweets

22) Trump: "I'm now going to yell a few random words: Chiiina! Bigly! Never! Ever! Ever! Bigly! Chiiina! Shucky ducky! Believe me!"
52 Likes, 22 Retweets

25) Trump: "This is the portion of the speech when I'm going to speak in the 3rd person. Donald J. Trump is unbelievable, believe me."
49 Likes, 24 Retweets

25) Trump: "You know how I hate Hillary's annoying voice? I'm going to make mine so much biglier annoying tonight, believe me."
55 Likes, 18 Retweets

27) Trump: "Here are my tax releases. Just kidding. April Fool's. What month is this again? Septober?"
52 Likes, 20 Retweets

28) Mealer: "Trump's been an underdog all his life - ever since he was loaned $1 million & given millions more inheritance from dad."
44 Likes, 25 Retweets

28) Trump: "America is a nation of dreamers, which is why I've spent this whole speech telling you to give up on your dreams!"
51 Likes, 18 Retweets

30) BREAKING NEWS: "Donald Trump to follow his wife & son's plagiarism-happy lead tonight, as his speech is called, 'Yes We Can!'"
42 Likes, 22 Retweets

31) Tarkenton: "The way I scrambled around in the pocket was nowhere near as good as how Donald Trump scrambles around the truth."
37 Likes, 25 Retweets

32) Fallin:"Why is our country divided/scared? Since day 1 in office, our goal was to make PBO a 1-termer & the fear card is our BFF!"
41 Likes, 19 Retweets

33) Trump: "I will present the facts plainly & honestly, which will be a first for me folks, believe me."
35 Likes, 21 Retweets

34) I just saw it was National Junk Food Day. How fitting it is that Donald Trump speaks tonight, as all he does is feed us junk.
36 Likes, 17 Retweets

34) Trump: "Let me now talk to you about The Bible. Besides Two Corinthians, I love Dude You're On Me, Filipinos & Phil Collins."
39 Likes, 14 Retweets

36) Priebus: "Regulation is evil, so we want the bottom 98% of you to be much more regulated than the top 2% bc we're about fairness!"
33 Likes, 18 Retweets

37) Trump: "I was once known as the 'Looney Tunes' candidate, but have now become the 'Law & Order' candidate, believe me."
27 Likes, 20 Retweets

37) Trump: "Before 2009, ISIS didn't even exist, because 1999 comes after 2009!"
28 Likes, 19 Retweets

37) Shin: "Hillary has no accountability! Trump tells the truth 8% of the time, never backs down, apologizes & always tweets excuses!"
36 Likes, 11 Retweets

40) THIS JUST IN: "Tom Barrack will be telling Trump stories for the next 12 hours. Red Bulls and sleeping bags will be provided."
37 Likes, 9 Retweets

41) Trump: "I promise all of you, my oath to all of you will be more like oathful than to my three wives."
32 Likes, 12 Retweets

42) Jon Voight's now speaking. Great... Here's the first thing I think of when I hear the name "Jon Voight" - …
27 Likes, 13 Retweets

43) Trump: "The only way to make this nation safe again is to make the rest of the world hate is more. It's logic, people."
28 Likes, 11 Retweets

44) With the way Mark Burns is yelling, I'm just waiting for Slayer to start jamming behind him.
32 Likes, 6 Retweets

45) Trump: "Hillary wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment, because if terrorists can't own guns, no one can own guns!"
25 Likes, 12 Retweets

45) Trump: "I will install 'Law & Order' to our country. It'll be the best series in history, folks."
28 Likes, 9 Retweets

47) Trump: "We're going to be a very warm, fuzzy, lovey-dovey country, unless you're one of them, them, or them, I promise you."
22 Likes, 13 Retweets

48) I wish Marilyn Manson would come out and troll the audience by playing "The Dope Show" - …
28 Likes, 6 Retweets

49) Priebus: "Dems are the conservative party! We're the party of change - change to bring us back to the caveman days!"
23 Likes, 8 Retweets

50) Falwell, Jr.: "Hello, Armageddon is almost upon us, goodbye."
28 Likes, 2 Retweets

51) For those of you wondering, yes, Representative Marsha Blackburn just said, "Git er done!"
22 Likes, 7 Retweets

52) Arpaio: "Ladies/gents, in light of last night's awful speech, I just want you to know, I found Ted Cruz's real birth certificate."
20 Likes, 7 Retweets

53) Arpaio: "With my help, Trump is going to build a wall. We may be a combined 154-years-old, but that's only 35 in dog years, so..."
16 Likes, 8 Retweets

54) Trumpeteer: "You're an idiot if you think the GOP has suppressed black voters! Study history!"
Study facts...
15 Likes, 7 Retweets

55) Trump: "Hillary supporters say 'I'm With Her.' I say 'I Want To Be With Koch.'"
14 Likes, 6 Retweets

56) Trump: "Let me tell you the story about Bernie Danders..."
16 Likes, 2 Retweets

57) Song: "Stay With Me"
Translation: "Trump said he'd stay with me, me, and me too."
10 Likes, 5 Retweets

58) So, Mark Burns sounds, eh, cheerful. My money's on him singing "Kumbaya" soon...
9 Likes, 1 Retweet

Totals for Day 4: 2,890 Likes, 1,493 Retweets (Averages of 49.8 Likes, 25.7 Retweets)

Totals Overall: 10,597 Likes, 5,411 Retweets (Averages of 48.4 Likes, 24.7 Retweets)

My next appearance on "The Tracy Fort Show" (today at 3 pm EST)

For the third consecutive day I'll be co-hosting The Tracy Fort Show, from 3 to 4 pm  EST, where we'll be wrapping up our coverage of the RNC. If you want to hear a live airing of the show, just click on the link below (between 3 and 4 pm EST). Enjoy!

"The Tracy Fort Show" (7/21/16)

For those of you who missed the live airing of The Tracy Fort Show yesterday, you can listen to it here: