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It's Official: The GOP Has Sold Its Soul To The Devil

One reason why I don't care for Donald Trump is his rhetoric. The man's native tongue seems to be hyperbole. When's the last time you heard a speech or even an individual quote where the president didn't include one of the following words: Biggest, huge (yuuuge), best, greatest, etc.? I can't remember one. Having said that, I'm not going to mince words here. Even though there remains a minority of reasonable, respectable Republicans, in large part the GOP has sold its soul to the devil.

The once highly respectable Republican Party is officially on life support and trending towards death at a rapid pace. While the Democratic Party is anything but perfect, it at least tries to fight for more than just their own wallets. That's no longer the case with the Republican Party. They continually get voted in by the people and wind up representing just themselves. Not only that, but they've taken a stand against: Science, equality across the board (whether it be …

Is the NRA a terrorist organization? Signs point to...

Oddly enough, besides love, no term seems to generate as much debate with regard to meaning as terrorist. When a man in Las Vegas shot and killed hundreds of concert goers, while it may have been referred to as an act of terror, most were remiss of calling the individual a terrorist. Yet when a person destroys a building by bombing it, but no one is harmed in the process, and the individual's intent was religious/political, then it's said to be a terrorist act. So, what gives? The quantity of deaths obviously isn't a determining factor. The costs of an attack's destruction aren't either. All that seems to matter is the person or group's intent. If the attack was politically-motivated, it's said to be terrorism, but if it wasn't motivated by politics, that very terminology isn't used to describe it. Here's the technical definition of terrorist:

"A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursui…

"Trump has done more in a year than Obama did in 8!"

While I was at a bar last night, I overheard a drunk man exclaim, "Trump has done more in his first year than Obama did in all his years!" I had to simultaneously chuckle and give myself a facepalm at this declaration.

It's ironically humorous that this individual feels this way, for he's about one thing and one thing only - money. When Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, we were dealing with the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost every month, to the point where the unemployment rate increased to 10.0%. People were losing their jobs, money, homes at a pace not seen in 70 years. Under Obama's leadership, however, the economy was able to stabilize, and the unemployment rate decreased to 4.8% as a result. So it's quite amazing and ignorant for this drunken individual to lay claim that a man who inherited a strong economy has done more for it in a single year than one who inherited the Great Recess…

Tales of my atypical Siberian Husky, Lexi

I have a 5-year-old Siberian Husky rescue named Lexi. She's my third husky, fourth dog overall, and although I might be a tad biased, I think she may be the best dog ever.

Huskies are typically great dogs. They're: Full of energy; always in the puppy stage; great with kids; force their owners to give them exercise and attention, improving their health in the process; and tend to see everyone as their best friend. Having said all this, though, huskies are also typically not the most loyal bunch of dogs and are rather notorious for being escape artists. My second husky, the biggest of the three, still found a way to work her Houdini act on numerous occasions, where she'd dig under the backyard fence and roam about the neighborhood. My first husky wasn't so eager to leave the backyard, yet if a strong wind knocked the gate or a door open, she was off to the races. They had starkly different personalities, as one was fearful of walking down to the basement and ran outside …

Must-See Movies: "The Square" and "The Shape of Water"

Over the past couple of weeks, I've viewed two of the best movies I think I've ever seen and felt the need to share a bit about them. In addition to these two, I also saw the Daniel Day-Lewis-led film, There Will Be Blood, and highly recommend that as well. Lewis is electrifying and deserved his Oscar for Best Actor. Since that film was released over a decade ago, though, I'll focus the brunt of my attention on the two more recently released films which caught my attention upon first watching them and haven't let go two weeks later, The Square and The Shape of Water.

What these two films have in common are they're both: Unique/unusual; powerful; well produced, directed, and acted; are not what they may appear to be; and will likely stay with you long after the closing credits.

The Square is a Swedish film directed by star writer/director in-the-making Ruben Ostlund. It is essentially a satire on modern society, where a well respected art museum curator presents a sh…

What I'm watching...

Shifting away from the more serious tone of my typical posts, I thought I'd go a lighter route by providing brief reviews of some shows I've been watching over the past few weeks.

The Big Bang Theory (A-): The show may not be at its peak, but it's still one of the better sitcoms on television right now. The cast's chemistry is still strong and for at least one more season, fellow geeks can rejoice Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj "talking nerdy to me." See what I did there? Yes, the dad joke/nerd talk hybrid. Bucket list? Check.

Black-ish (A): Funny, smart, and topical. When it comes to combining humor with power, Black-ish is the best sitcom on television right now. No episode was more powerful than the post-Trump election episode. If you haven't had the chance to see it, do yourself a favor, drop what you're doing now (yes, reading this), and go watch it! Black-ish is a show at its peak and I sincerely hope it stays there for seasons to come.


This week in Twitter hashtags...

As I so often do, I had fun with trending Twitter hashtags this past week. Here they are, ordered from most popular to least popular (all my tweets can be seen at this site -

1) After Colbert jokes about Nunes's memo
Nunes: "Conservatives are under attack!"

No, you were being poked fun of; students in Parkland, Florida were under attack.
583 Likes, 277 Retweets

2) Fox is fake news
507 Likes, 125 Retweets

3) Barack Obama is better
363 Likes, 85 Retweets

4) 37% is not majority
274 Likes, 68 Retweets

5) Dear NRA:
If your favorite phrase, "Guns don't kill people; people kill people," is correct (and I'm not saying it is), wouldn't it then make sense to not allow people who kill people access to guns?
207 Likes, 69 Retweets

6) The Earth is round
200 Likes, 39 Retweets

The Top Ten Donald Trump Denialist Quotes

After Donald Trump erroneously claimed he would have disarmed the Parkland, Florida school shooter with his bare hands had he been there, I thought I'd have some fun with some other potential Donald Trump never-would-ever-happen quotes. Here they are...

The Top Ten Donald Trump Denialist Quotes
10. "If I had been in Jina when they were about to invent the global warming hoax, I would have said, 'Hey, Jiiina! Cool it!,' and that would have been the end of it, folks."

9. "In the Civil War, I woulda beaten both sides with my bare hands."

8. "Darth Vader woulda died in the opening scene of Star Wars if I had been in it. I'm just sayin'. I'm just sayin'."

7. "If I had been around salt water during Hurricane Katrina, I woulda run out to it, started swimming in it, hit it with my bare hands, and it would've stopped, believe me."

6. "If I were God, I woulda created the world in 5 days."

5. "I've always s…

...and the BS Poll of the Year goes to...

There are only four certainties in life: 1) Death, 2) Taxes, 3) Laundry, and 4) Millennials hating Donald Trump. A recently released Pew Research poll followed this trend, as just 27% of Millennials surveyed approved of Trump's job performance, while 65% disapproved. That wasn't the case in another recently released poll, however.

According to Zogby, Donald Trump's approval rating amongst Millennials is 50%, while his disapproval is at 48%. Not only that, but the pollster claims that among those aged 65 or older, the president's approval rating is at a net -12%, as 44% approve and 56% disapprove of his job performance.

This Zogby poll is fifty shades of backwards. The most Democratic-leaning generation are Millennials, as 59% lean that direction, while only 32% lean Republican. On the flip-side, the Silent and Boomer generations are the most Republican-leaning, as approximately 49% lean that direction and 46% lean Democratic.

Let's look at the analytics of the surv…