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There's no debate: 2017-2018 NBA MVP is LeBron James and Coach of the Year is Brad Stevens

With both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics one game away from sweeps and meeting up in the Eastern Conference Finals, so long as they each win one of their next four games, I think it's all but certain that LeBron James should be awarded the MVP and Brad Stevens should be awarded Coach of the Year honors. As a matter of fact, as of this very moment, I don't even think it's debatable anymore: LeBron James is the 2017-2018 NBA MVP and Brad Stevens is the 2017-2018 Coach of the Year.

Many analysts have suggested that James Harden should receive the MVP award. Others have suggested Kevin Durant is deserving. For as much as I respect both Harden and Durant as players, they're each surrounded by quality talent. Chris Paul has been one of the best all-around point guards in the league for a number of years, and even with Stephen Curry in the lineup, Durant has the likes of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to share the rock with. Remove Harden from Houston's line…

Is the fantastic ABC sitcom temporarily turning into "The Young and the Black-ish"?

I don't know of any long-running sitcom that hasn't gone into a bit of a slump, as it continually attempts to generate interest for their viewers. Some change cast members. Others give the romance angle a try. With the ABC hit show, Black-ish, however, over the past couple weeks, it's taken a drastic turn from topical comedy to soap opera. This past week's episode, "Blue Valentime," in particular felt out of place. While Black-ish has done an extraordinary job to this point in balancing comedy with the tackling of hot topics in the world of current events, that wasn't the case with the most recent episode, where I didn't laugh once. There was honestly nothing to laugh about, not even in an uncomfortable manner. All it showed us were the struggles of the two leads, ending with the two temporarily (at this point) separating. Sure, if the show goes back to expertly balancing comedy and drama, this single moment may appear to just be a blip on the radar a…

This week in trending Twitter hashtags...

As always, I had some fun with trending hashtags on Twitter over the past couple of weeks. Here are my posts, ordered from the most popular to the least popular (all my tweets can be viewed at this link -

1) Kanye West: "I'm being attacked for presenting new ideas."

No, you're being attacked for presenting stupid ideas...
7,131 Likes, 1,671 Retweets

2) Future convo
Kanye West: "Slavery was a choice."

Donald Trump: "There were bad slaves on both sides, both sides."
2,047 Likes, 411 Retweets

3) Dear Kanye:

Whether an idea is old or new, stupid is still stupid.
1,316 Likes, 202 Retweets

4) In the future
Kanye West: "If a guy holds a toilet paper roll to his belly for like 9 minutes, he'll basically know what pregnancy's like."

The Twittersphere lets him have it.

West: "I'm getting attacked for presenting new ideas."

Mentioned on several sites!

A world obsessed with numbers

What day were you born? How old are you? When did you start seeing her? How many times have you been married? What's your phone number? Address? Credit card number? Social security number? How much money do you make? How many kids do you have? When's the due date? What do you pay in taxes? Here's your prison number. Welcome to our bank; here's your account number. Did you set an ATM pin number? How about for your phone? What's the speed limit? Do you know how fast you were going? Here's a ticket; pay the fine. What time is it? What time do you work? Is it a 9 to 5? How much do you get for overtime? How significant was the raise? The bonus? How many miles are on this road trip? How about the flight? How long will it take? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Is she a 10? What year is this? What was the score of last night's game? What are the teams' records? Know this guy's batting average? How are his fantasy numbers? Speaking of fantasies, how …

Slow down and enjoy the ride

Why do so many people seem to be in such a rush, especially on the road? Why do we place that unnecessary extra load of stress on ourselves? While I've been told I drive too slow (Psst, I go the speed limit or slightly over), I find myself in a much more relaxed state on the road than most of my peers.

The road is a metaphor for life. What happens when we try to rush things in everyday life and stress out in the process? We become more apt to making mistakes we normally wouldn't make and facing the consequences as a result. This isn't even delving into the negative health impacts such a lifestyle can cause.The same is true when driving. When we're rushing ourselves and stressed, we become more apt to getting into an accident or getting pulled over.

No matter how difficult life may seem at times, are all of these potential repercussions worth stressing ourselves on the road or life, in general? Life is a short and bumpy ride at times, but rushing ourselves to a quick en…

Nirvana is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not Def Leppard? WTF?

In its first year of eligibility, Nirvana got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Def Leppard, meanwhile, has yet to be inducted. To this, I say, WTF? (No, Phil Dunphy, it's not "Why the face?")

Let's take a look at each band...

Nirvana released just three albums between the years 1989 and 1993. The band was essentially done on April 8th of 1994 when lead singer Kurt Cobain shot and killed himself. They have 21 singles to their credit and have sold an estimated 80 million albums worldwide. In the years following Cobain's death, he has often been criticized for ripping off other artists, including the Pixies, Killing Joke, Garden of Delight, The Royals, The Damned, Sex Pistols, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Melvins, The 4 Skins, Zebra, Link Wray, The Cult, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Butthole Surfers, Los Brujos, Devo, the Psychedelic Furs, The Smithereens, Fang, etc.

Def Leppard, meanwhile, has released eleven studio albums between the years of 1…

If cultural curiosity and appreciation constitute as appropriation, we're in trouble...

Just over the past week, I've seen two cultural appropriation stories go viral, one which included the legend musician Sting and the other dealt with a high school student going to prom, and I felt the need to write about them.

Let me first give a brief overview of the two stories. It was announced that Sting has collaborated with Jamaican star Shaggy on a reggae album. After receiving criticism that he was guilty of cultural appropriation, the Police lead singer said this:

"It's such an ugly term. For me, reggae is something I respect and value, and take seriously. It's something I've learned from. I owe a great deal to the whole reggae bass community. My spiritual, musical mentor was Bob Marley - who I knew - and I really feel that I'm doing something that feels authentic to me..."

Keziah, an 18-year-old from Utah, also came under social media fire for cultural appropriation after she posted a photo of herself in a Chinese dress known as a qipao at her p…

A joke? He can't handle a joke!

Former The Daily Show correspondent Michelle Wolf took to the stage as the guest speaker to this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend. As is typical, she received her fair share of criticism, mostly pointed in the direction of her cracking jokes about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and also making a quip about abortion. As former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers used to say, "Really? Really? I mean, Really?!?"

Look, I personally didn't find Ms. Wolf's abortion joke humorous, but often times comedy is more about pushing the envelope than stimulating laughter. Also, how can people really be THAT offended by a female comedian roasting this president? The criticisms have reached the point of Trump saying we should no longer have a White House Correspondents' Dinner. Again, really?

Why is it that comedians are often times held to a higher standard than the President of the United States, Donal…

Horn-tooting time

On September 28th of last year, I posted a blog where I analyzed a few NBA teams' off-season moves and predicted how these moves would impact their coming season, especially if they were to square off against Golden State in the finals. If curious, you can read the post in its entirety here -

In this blog, I wrote the following about the Oklahoma City Thunder:

"Oklahoma City Thunder
Off-season acquisitions: Paul George and Carmelo Anthony

Starting Line-up: PG Russell Westbrook, SG Andre Roberson, SF Paul George, PF Carmelo Anthony, and C Steven Adams

Projection: I'm probably in the minority on this, but I honestly don't see what all the hoopla is about regarding the Thunder's off-season moves. Yes, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony have all been stars in the league, and Westbrook was fully deserving of the MVP award for his efforts last season, but while the team will li…

Cleveland Browns Deja Vu

The Cleveland Browns' search for a franchise quarterback started in '99 when they selected Tim Couch with the #1 draft pick. Here's a list of their starting quarterbacks and the number of games each has started since then:

1) Tim Couch: 59 (22-37, .373)
2) Ty Detmer: 2 (0-2, .000)
3) Doug Pederson: 8 (1-7, .125)
4) Spergon Wynn: 1 (0-1, .000)
5) Kelly Holcomb: 12 (4-8, .333)
6) Jeff Garcia: 10 (3-7, .300)
7) Luke McCown: 4 (0-4, .000)
8) Trent Dilfer: 11 (4-7, .364)
9) Charlie Frye: 19 (6-13, .316)
10) Derek Anderson: 34 (16-18, .471)
11) Brady Quinn: 12 (3-9, .250)
12) Ken Dorsey: 3 (0-3, .000)
13) Bruce Gradkowski: 1 (0-1, .000)
14) Colt McCoy: 21 (6-15, .286)
15) Jake Delhomme: 4 (2-2, .500)
16) Seneca Wallace: 7 (1-6, .143)
17) Brandon Weeden: 20 (5-15, .250)
18) Thad Lewis: 1 (0-1, .000)
19) Jason Campbell: 8 (1-7, .125)
20) Brian Hoyer: 16 (10-6, .625)
21) Johnny Manziel: 8 (2-6, .250)
22) Connor Shaw: 1 (0-1, .000)
23) Josh McCown: 11 (1-10, .091)
24) Austin Davis: …

Probability 101: Ending Worldwide Terrorism vs. Ending Nationwide Gun Violence

One reason NRA die-hards drive me nuts is the fact they've yet to make a certifiably logical argument against strengthening gun laws. Instead of looking at scientific studies, worldwide legal trends (and their impacts), and/or logic/common sense, they often resort to conspiracy theories and especially bumper-sticker slogans, such as: "Guns don't kill people; people kill people;" "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun;" and "Criminals will always find a way to be criminals." Yes, all of these talking points are ridiculous on different levels, but ironically enough, these same individuals tend to be all for the worldwide war on terror and the belief that, by attacking countries which aren't our biggest fans and which harbor terrorists, we'll find a way to end terror. So where's the consistency? At least with gun reform advocates, we don't tend to look the other way on terrorism and think we should do noth…

This week in Twitter hashtags...

Here are the trending hashtags I had fun with on Twitter over the past week or so. My posts will be ordered from the most popular to the least popular (all my tweets can be viewed at this link -

1) Trump: "Mission accomplished!"
Reporter: "What was the mission?"
Trump: "I don't know, but it was accomplished."
Reporter: "What was accomplished?"
Trump: "The mission"
Reporter: "Which was?"
Trump: "Which was what? What are you talking about?"
421 Likes, 190 Retweets

2) For the record, Donald Trump is not smart. When a flat-earther convinces another to be a flat-earther, neither individual can be objectively classified as intelligent. It's just one idiot persuading another to hop on the idiot train.
342 Likes, 96 Retweets

3) BREAKING NEWS: "Donald Trump to give a speech in front of a banner he crafted himself, which reads, 'Mishin A…